18 May 2011

These Litho/collages will be part of the EASTERN LIGHTS Exhibition which is showing contemporary prints by members of the Printmakers Council at the M.P Birla Millenium Art Gallery - Bharatya Vidya Bhavan Centre from May 18th to May 24th 2011 (4A Castletown Road, London W14 9HE)

I spent a day in the print studio last week, exploring my recently discovered method of using photo-litho plates in a collage way of working. The thin aluminium plates can be cut and inked up in small sections, then composed, overlapping in parts to construct a collage which is then run through the press to take a single print. The shapes are then taken apart to be re-inked and put together in a new composition. I am very excited about this technique as each print is a one-off and the separate elements can shift during printing to reveal a surprising outcome. It also gives me the flexibility of re-using parts, which isn't possible when working on a paper collage, where the pieces are glued down in one spot once the composition is decided on.

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