29 April 2010

26 April 2010

I have just finished another wedding invite. This one contains a little booklet with all the additional information for Jez and Alicia's special day!

22 April 2010

I found these egghead russian dolls. They have a happy face painted on one side and a sad one on the other. I get them out depending on how I feel! Biggest=very very happy/very very sad, middle ones soso happy/little sad, smallest=tiny bit happy/sad!

20 April 2010

Some of my screen prints and etchings can now be purchased through www.proofgallery.com

19 April 2010

Our wedding present to lovely Simon and Katie. For those inevitable kitchen disputes!

14 April 2010

Another wedding invite about to be sent out... this time it's for lovely Sonya and Tom!

13 April 2010

Just got back from a super inspiring weekend in Berlin, visiting the Pictoplasma Animation Festival. If you've never been, make sure you go to the conference next year! Makes me want to get my creatures moving!

08 April 2010

My Spoon King and Fork Queen on Supermarket Sarah's wall 'Royale with Cheese' at the 'Concept Store' at Selfridges.
She will be changing the display three times over the next weeks. If you get the chance go down it looks great. well done Sarah!

06 April 2010

These are two little figurines I made to go on sale with Supermarket Sarah soon!

02 April 2010

Happy Easter

01 April 2010

I love this postcard I picked up in Paris a while ago!