25 November 2009

My dearest little sister is moving away today...

19 November 2009

I went to the Royal Albert Hall for the first time last night. How beautiful. A friend was singing in a big choir accompanying an orchestra performing Mendelssohn's Eliah. Fantastic.

17 November 2009

"Good morning madam" (hats are always redder on other's heads!)

16 November 2009

I saw my lovely cousin Macey (10) last week and she is creating this magnificent group of little friends, all with names and varying outfits, sometimes with occupations noted on the back. The game: spot the bunny, spot all red tops and blue trousers, spot twins, spot blushed cheeks, etc. they remind me of my swimmers (see blog entry 22 Sept)

05 November 2009

Check out my pop up paper sculptures for sale on www.supermarketsarah.com. Sarah runs a beautiful little online store and occasional stall on Portobello market. This special 'de-freeze' wall has been curated by my friend Henrik (www.benrik.co.uk). Keep a close eye on both these sites! Two of my fabric dolls are also amongst this curious mix of artifacts, see if you can spot them.
mushrooms, sea urchins, ropes, just come back from a week in beautiful Cornwall.